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The Beginning



Seven years ago we drew up a plan to go cruising in 2009 – and we stuck to the plan; we bought the boat; we took lessons; we went racing to gain as much experience as we could, even venturing into Bass Strait; we spent many boat units and countless hours getting the boat ready for cruising.


We thought we were organized, but the end came like a steam train – and we had to put the foot on the accelerator and work like madman to meet the self-imposed deadline. Finally, all the ducks were lined up and the time had come.  Notice to work was given; the car was sold; intention to vacate was handed to the landlord – we were ready to go…………


Of course, Murphy does not take kindly to such smug preparation and planning. He had a surprise up his sleeve and at the eleventh hour he gave the last duck in the row a sharp nudge – and very nearly succeeded in upsetting our ‘best laid’ plans completely! Ironically, it was at the Cruising Group Progressive dinner, held 10 days before our planned departure date, that the ‘incident’ occurred.  Aboard ‘Looking Good’ for port and chocolates, I was making my way down to the saloon to say thankyou to Howard when ‘bang’ – I stepped down the last step and my left knee just collapsed from under me. With lots of assistance, I managed to hobble back to ‘Mandolin Wind’ where I lay in my bunk quietly swearing to myself. What good timing!



We were up at dawn on Saturday morning and Martin had to wheelbarrow me back down the jetty to the car – an indignity magnified by his passing comments to the Commodore and to the Ice-bergers of ‘still pissed from last night’! A trip to Epworth and an MRI confirmed good and bad news. The good news was that I did not need a knee reconstruction (which would have put paid to any plans for cruising for at least 6 months ). The bad news was that I had strained my Posterior Cruchet  Ligament and I would be out of action for at least a month.



Decision time. Timelines were tight – the crane, the rigger and the berth were  booked at Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron. Do we postphone?  And if so, to when? Realistically, I was not fit for Bass Strait for the foreseeable future.
Luckily for us good friends rallied round and Rod Watson (from ‘Emma Kate’) and David James (from ‘Ingenue’) put their own plans on hold and offered to help with the delivery to Brisbane – allowing me to fly up and meet them there. Thankyou boys!


So despite last minute efforts to thwart our best laid plans, ’Mandolin Wind’ was able to cast off her lines at 1.30pm on Tuesday 7th April. While Rod, Martin and David put up with the short, sharp chop of Port Phillip Bay as they beat towards the Heads, I was preparing to board a plane for Brisbane.


The journey had begun !!!